Well, this week has been pretty eventful. Last Sunday, was filled with lounging around with Conor, this Sunday I slept in until 2 PM. that’s right. 2. and I loved it. Between school work, band, and general procrastination I do not sleep enough. Sunday is my catch up day. Don’t judge. 

Yesterday’s ‘Cuse game was great! It was a good game, though we lost in double OT 19-16. Halftime show (karaoke show) was great, especially with the “Orange Appeal” (Cuse mens acapella group) singing along with us. They’re pretty good.

(video above)

I then went out to dinner with Nani and Grammie (grandmother and great-grandmother) and it was great seeing them. I’m so glad they came out to Syracuse to see the band. =)

After lounging around all sunday and watching some football, my roommate and I went to “Game Night” at the library thinking it would be completely bogus and lame. It turned out to be a fun night. I owned at minute to win it game. Me and my super awesome roommate were boss at Jenga. Made a bet against some guys that we would win, losers have to cook the winners dinner. Guess who’s getting a cooked meal? We are. 

Whether those guys follow through or not its unknown. I will track them down and make sure they do. Whether or not the food is actually edible is unknown…i’ll get back to you on that one. 

College is great. 

That is all.